Eric Fraser- Music Therapist, MA, MT-BC, LCATFounder and Director of SoundandNature

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Eric Fraser  is a multi-instrumentalist, educator, composer, and music therapist (MA, MT-BC, LCAT), and acclaimed Indian bansuri flute artist. Eric brings his array of musical talents to children and adults through singing, guitar, keyboard, percussion, wind instruments, electronic instruments, audio and digital software, recording arts, lyric writing, beat boxing and beat making. His philosophy for music therapy combines technical skill with the imagination and spirit that makes music a core part of a persons life. Eric's experience in practicing music therapy is extensive, having practiced music therapy for children and adults with developmental disorders, as well as children in foster care and older adults needing assisted living.

A Fulbright Senior Research Scholar for Indian music and  music therapy, Eric has studied and performed widely.  He is currently teaching as an Adjunct Professor of Music Therapy at SUNY New Paltz. Eric lives in Hudson, NY, with his wife and Sound Nidra collaborator Ruthie Fraser, and their two children Myles and Shay. Visit his artist website here -



Ruthie Fraser- Therapeutic Yoga, Functional Movement, Structural Integration, Restorative Yoga

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Ruthie Fraser is a Structural Integration practitioner, yoga teacher, and movement guide. She is the author of Stack Your Bones: 100 Simple Lessons for Realigning Your Body and Moving with Ease by Ruthie Fraser (published by The Experiment). A graduate of the Guild for Structural Integration, Ruthie has been in private practice in New York City since 2007 and currently runs the Stack Your Bones Studio in Brooklyn. Ruthie has worked with hundreds of clients, blending Structural Integration with her developing movement methodology. She has trained extensively in yoga with many master teachers and has taught thousands of classes in the United States and abroad. She is also a Brown University graduate, lifelong dancer, a long-time Iyengar Yoga student, and a budding Voice Dialogue facilitator. Ruthie lives in New York, splitting her time between Brooklyn and Hudson.