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Bansuri Concert at Mettabee Farm and Arts

  • Mettabee Farm and Arts (map)

Eric Fraser and Ehren Hanson lived together in Kolkata, India, where they learn from their musical guru's. Eric learns intensively from Pandit Gopal Roy and Ehren learns from world renowned tabla master Pandit Anindo Chaterjee. Eric and Ehrens concert tells a story of dedication and mastery, as well as the joy and sensitivity that exists between them as great friends. 
The bansuri bamboo flute of India is historically depicted as the instrument that conveys the love between Radha and Krishna. Its smooth bamboo tones mixed with endless possibilities to slide and bend notes creates a distinctly beautiful sound unlike any flute in the world. The lineage that Eric Fraser has learned in is unique to the region of West Bengal, and has a rare old world style that is based on the vocal style or "gayaki-ang". The development of the raga is vocal in nature, focused on melody and voicing.
The sadhana (rich, heartfelt practice) of this music can extend beyond the deep meditation of the artist to you as the audience. As a listener, you can engage in a sadhana of deep listening. The melodies and rhythm cycles of the Indian Classical format offer the active listener pathways into inner landscape of emotion and consciousness. The music tells stories, teaches, inspires and transports, and develops gradually, building slowly to ecstatic realms.