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SOUND NIDRA -- nada yoga -- raga bath


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Sound Nidra Workshop - An integration of restorative yoga postures with a live healing sound bath.  Yoga FOR Live Music!

As in traditional Yoga Nidra, a Sound Nidra session is designed to invoke deep relaxation. In the Sound Nidra session, live music and healing sound accompanies supported yoga postures that progressively open and unwind various territories of the physical body and subtle body. Participants will be guided into restorative yoga postures with straps, blocks and bolsters, which are accompanied by a sound healing that is specific to the territories of the body targeted in the postures. The progression of both postures and sound offers a complete restorative experience on multiple levels. Instrumentation includes the bansuri (bamboo) flute, voice, tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, tuning forks, sitar, frame drum and other percussion instruments. A complete energetic and restorative treatment that leaves people feeling rested, grounded and connected to the subtle energy body.


Nada Yoga Workshop Utilizing  Indian raga singing for toning and tuning the mind and body.

Nada yoga is the practice of using sound and music to modify and expand consciousness, and has been practiced by yogis since ancient times. A specialty of Sound and Nature founder Eric Fraser, this workshop teaches people how to sing melodies from a variety of Indian ragas. There are many traditional approaches to Nada yoga; in this workshop, the primary vehicle for practice will be using our own voices to sing basic phrases of Indian ragas, the ancient melodic system of India. The Indian raga system embodies the natural tuning system of perfect intervals and is a very powerful and effective way to experience microtones, or the space between to two whole notes. Through careful guidance participants will learn how to use ragas to tune their voice, bodies and minds. The Nada yoga  workshop  gives us the skills to tune our minds and bring health to the body through singing, toning, listening to drones and practicing meditation. The workshop is open to anyone; no musical or singing experience is required to participate in and benefit from the experience--only a curiosity about using ones own voice to achieve yogic states is necessary. 

Raga Bath Workshop - A world-class musical performance imbibing the mood and color of Indian music in a unique sound healing format

Experience Indian classical music as a sound bath, sitting comfortably on the floor, laying down in savasana or sitting in a chair. The Raga Bath invites us to tune ourselves to the music and feel how it stimulates, resonates, and inspires the fields of our psyche, emotions, and physical body. Some portions of the workshop will be given to basic teaching of raga singing, allowing a closer look at the music. Experience the therapeutic and medicinal aspects of Indian raga, in an environment specifically suited to support meditation and restful, judicious listening.

Sound and Nature Private Sessions

one-on-one and private groups

Hudson studio  near the corner of Union & S 5th Hudson, NY 12534 (inquire for exact address)

Hudson studio near the corner of Union & S 5th Hudson, NY 12534 (inquire for exact address)

Brooklyn studio  119 8th St. #205 Brooklyn, NY 11215 (Gowanus)

Brooklyn studio 119 8th St. #205 Brooklyn, NY 11215 (Gowanus)


- Personalized sound and vocalization experiences to bring healing and transformation

- Get in touch with the emotional and energetic body through vocalizing, sound bath, rhythmic entrainment, and creative free play

- Helps people who are seeking coaching or counseling, personal development, and relief from anxiety, depression, trauma, and addiction

- Supportive and therapeutic dialogue addressing psychological challenges


Hudson, New York (1.5 hours) - $85 Individual Session

Gowanus, Brooklyn (1.5 hours) - $120 Individual session

Please Inquire for Sliding Scale Rates and Group Rates

Private Groups

Group sessions may occur at the Hudson studio, Brooklyn studio or on-site at your home or venue. For couples, families, work teams, close friends, or loved ones joining in ritual or rites of passage.

Please inquire for Group Rates

Education & Enrichment

learning for adults and children

Check out the Calendar for upcoming events or contact us to book an event at your venue!


for adults:

Indian Classical Music Appreciation - Learn about the history of Indian classical, how to listen, what to listen for, and get acquainted with well known masters and off the beaten track gems. Audio examples, exciting anecdotes, fascinating history and more.

Using Indian Ragas for Clinical Improvisation in Music Therapy - A workshop for music therapists; learn the basic structure of Indian ragas, and how to use them for clinical improvisation. Eric Fraser has taught this  unique workshop at the music therapy masters programs at NYU and SUNY New Paltz.


for children:

Rhythm-making, Singing, and Group Music Making based on World Music Traditions

for Children ages 2-10 and Teens!! Travel the world through music. Discover rhythms and songs from around the world.


wilderness and sound experiences

Contact us to learn about Retreats!

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Guided outdoor experiences in ideal natural settings, with sound meditations, device detox, and fresh air!  Day trips and overnight multi-day retreats. Prior camping, hiking, and wilderness experience is NOT required.

Craving that rejuvenating experience in nature with friends and interesting new people? Not sure where to go or how to organize it to maximize rest and rejuvenation?  Sound and Nature can curate the experience. Beautiful and personally selected locations in the Hudson Valley, healthy food included. 

Sound and Nature Wilderness Retreat (multiple days) - Join a group of seekers for an intensive multiple day retreat in a serene natural environment.  Rest and relaxation, sound baths with live music, meditation, swimming, hiking, campfire music and song, group discussion and support. No prior camping or wilderness experience is required. Participants will be given a simple list of items to bring. ***Healthy vegetarian and non-vegetarian food included, dietary needs honored***.  ***Lodging included (when applicable)***. ***Limited tents and sleeping bags available upon request (first come first serve)***.

Sound and Nature Day Hike Wilderness Trip - Join a group for a curated short hike to a beautiful and serene natural environment. Rest and relax, participate in a sound healing journey with live instruments. No prior wilderness hiking experience is necessary.

Device Detox - Turn it off, tune in, and drop inside yourself. Todays world presents us with a unique challenge, we need digital devices to stay in touch and accomplish many tasks. But this comes at a cost for many of us. Too much screen time can effect our ability to manage and regulate mood, stress levels, relationships, restorative sleep, creativity and more. Spend time detoxing from your digital devices; being outdoors, connecting with others, laughing, playing, singing, exercising, and resting. Live sound healing journey with live instruments included.