Individual Therapy


Finding out who you are and what you are meant to do in this world can be challenging. Adding on top of that all of the ways that our relationships, our parents, our families and friends, our past and our experiences have either shaped our clouded our true self is important to unpack. In our personal therapy sessions, we will give you a safe, confidential, empathic and supportive opportunity to process your life and connect with the most important person - YOU!


Incorporating sound and music into personal therapy work can be incredibly fullfilling. What sound can quiet your mind in an instant? What song hits the core of your emotional life and can make you cry, laugh, sing or dance in a heartbeat?

Couples Counseling - Relationship Counseling - Mediation

Whether you are looking to improve your marriage or your relationship with your partner, or to work on issues with friends or family, the Sound and Nature methodology is here for you. Be SUPPORTED and HEARD! Make your communication meaningful and let it be in service of your nature and your truth.


We can work with people struggling with all kinds of issues. If you have specific issues, questions or concerns please email -

Individual Therapy - $100 for 70 minutes

Couples and Relationship Counseling - $150 for 90 minutes

Mediation - Rates vary depending on number of people involved in the process. Please inquire

To make an appointment:


phone: 347-404-0140

LOCATION - Office in Hudson, New York, 12534 --- Serving the Hudson Valley

ONLINE- Skype and FaceTime appointments available. Please inquire