about sound and nature (sound medicine)

You are included in the natural world of sound.

Vocalization for Personal Meditation Practice

-- a system of powerful vocalizations and toning that move and awaken energy in your body

-- develop and explore your voice through the building blocks of Indian ragas (the melodic tradition of India)

-- build confidence in using your voice for both speaking and singing; build your lung power

-- get to know your unique voice as an asset in your life

Deep Listening for Healing and Rest

-- immersion in live soundscapes that directly facilitate meditative states and deep relaxation

-- a healing tool for stress, exhaustion, anxiety, depression, and trauma; down regulates and resets the nervous system

-- discover and receive the healing power of Indian classical ragas

-- artistic and evocative presentations of live sound and music by world-class musicians

Direct Experiences with Wild Places and Their Natural Sounds

-- connect with your unique mystical relationship with the wild world

-- experience nature through sound and sound through nature; harness nature's power to invoke inner peace and harmony

-- develop listening skills in nature; experience the laws of nature that govern relationships between natural tones






For over two decades, Eric Fraser has been practicing, performing, meditating, studying music, sound and healing practices. He is one of the leading Indian bansuri flute players of the world, has performed extensively, and is an exponent of a rare and unique old world lineage of North-Indian classical flute. Eric learns Indian music in the traditional guru/sishya system of India from master musician Pandit Gopal Roy, as well as through relationships, performances and experiences with many other master musicians of  the world.  www.ericfraser.com

Eric is also a Music Therapist (MA, MT-BC), having received an MA in music therapy from NYU in 2009. He is a Fulbright Senior Research scholar for Indian music and music therapy (2010). Eric brings his work to children and adults with a focus on transpersonal, integrated and experiential personal development. He has given lectures at SUNY New Paltz and New York University on the topic of Indian music in music therapy.

A deep lover of wilderness experiences, Eric has since childhood developed extensive experience being in nature and listening to its mysteries. Eric believes that by listening to the sounds of nature, consciousness can be opened to harnessing the healing power of sound and music.  He has climbed every mountain in New England over 4,000 feet and has extensive experience backcountry camping in western USA, Europe and South Asia.

As the founder of Sound and Nature, Eric brings his passion for the healing power of music and nature together, in a total experience of opening, peace, inclusion, wisdom, and love for earth.


Guest Artists

musicians, healers, guides



Neel Murgai is a multi-instrumental performer, composer and teacher from New York City. He is a graduate of Goddard College’s MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts program. His life long journey into the depth and beauty of sitar and Indian classical music began with Ravindra Goswami in Banaras, 20 years ago. For the past 14 years Neel has studied with his guru and mentor, Pundit Krishna Bhatt. His interest in music began at a young age with trombone and guitar. While obtaining a degree in Civil Engineering, Neel worked as a radio DJ, hosting an international music program. This fostered in him an abiding interest in music from around the world. He went on to live in India, immersing himself in the music and culture of his parent’s homeland. Upon returning to the U.S. Neel began a career in music. In addition to sitar, he has since learned to play daf (Persian frame drum) with Soheil Zolfonun. He has studied overtone singing with the Buriyat performance group Uragsha and Harmonic Choir member, Timothy Hill.

Katie Down, MT-BC, LCAT,  is a licensed creative arts therapist, sound therapist, certified Reiki practitioner and professional composer/performer.  She runs the Sound Well Center, a private practice with offices in Manhattan and Brooklyn, offering integrative psychotherapy, music therapy and sound with Reiki to individuals and groups as well as clinical supervision, sound baths and meditation workshops. Katie has taught Music and Mindfulness in Clinical Applications at The Sound Health Collective and Spiegel Academy, and Deep Listening workshops as a guest lecturer at NYU, The New School, The School of Visual Arts, Cal State Fullerton, The Jewish Theological Seminary, The Open Center, The Expressive Arts Therapy Summit, The International Conference on Deep Listening,  and at grand rounds presentations for local NY hospitals.  She received her master's degree in Music Psychotherapy at New York University with additional trauma training at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy and with Laurel Parnell in EMDR.  Katie has worked and continues to work internationally in the Balkans, South Africa, and Ecuador, offering workshops in improvisation, song writing and ukulele including a program in South Africa with The ICRD Group Foundation called "Ukes and Kids" in which kids wrote and recorded their own songs on ukulele.  She is a regular practitioner at Maha Rose Center for Healing at at MNDFL offering sound bath meditations and the contemplative art of deep listening. 

Ruthie Fraser Since 2007 Ruthie has worked in NYC as a Structural Integration practitioner (Guild for SI 2007), therapeutic yoga teacher, and kinesthetic guide. She is also a lifelong dancer, Brown University graduate, and long-time Iyengar Yoga practitioner. She is the author of the recently published book Stack Your Bones: 100 Simple Lessons for Re-aligning Your Body and Moving with Ease.