about sound and nature (sound medicine)

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You are included in the natural world of sound.

Vocalization for Personal Meditation Practice

-- a system of powerful vocalizations and toning that move and awaken energy in your body

-- develop and explore your voice through the building blocks of Indian ragas (the melodic tradition of India)

-- build confidence in using your voice for both speaking and singing; build your lung power

-- get to know your unique voice as an asset in your life

Deep Listening for Healing and Rest

-- immersion in live soundscapes that directly facilitate meditative states and deep relaxation

-- a healing tool for stress, exhaustion, anxiety, depression, and trauma; down regulates and resets the nervous system

-- discover and receive the healing power of Indian classical ragas

-- artistic and evocative presentations of live sound and music by world-class musicians

Direct Experiences with Wild Places and Their Natural Sounds

-- connect with your unique mystical relationship with the wild world

-- experience nature through sound and sound through nature; harness nature's power to invoke inner peace and harmony

-- develop listening skills in nature; experience the laws of nature that govern relationships between natural tones